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In 1953, someone was lucky enough to stumble over large rough-hewn oak posts in Vejle valley near Ravning Enge. Excavations revealed a bridge over 700 metres long and five metres wide made of oak. It had identical spans between supporting posts placed at 2.5 metre…

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Images from Ravning Enge

Ravning Enge-broen, 2

Ravning Enge-broen, 2

År: 2008 PHOTO:Thomas Roland

Ravning Enge
Ravning Enge-broen, 4
Ravning Enge-broen, 1
Ravning Enge-broen, 3
Ravning Enge-broen, 2

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Building bridges to heaven

Why was the bridge built? The date of the bridge coincides with the age of four Viking ring…

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