Denmark's most prestigious hall of residence


Regensen is Denmark's second-oldest student hall of residence after the Valkendorf from 1588. Since olden days, it has been Copenhagen's most prestigious student accommodation. Regensen was built in 1618-23 as housing for 120 students at the initiative of…

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Student antics

Time / Periode 1625
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In his vaudeville, Genboerne (The Neighbours), from 1844, Jens Christian Hostrup (1818-92) portrays the epitome of uproarious student life at Regensen. While studying theology, Hostrup himself lived at Regensen and took part in the many student activities. Genboerne, written for a party and performed by students, describes the clash between the lofty academics of Regensen and the Philistine middle class. Eventually, the two groups are reconciled via the student Balsalt's alliance with the smith's daughter Rikke, which binds life to the idea", that is, unites realism and idealism. Hostrup wrote other vaudevilles in the same 'studenty' style such as Eventyr på Fodrejsen (Adventures on Foot) (1848) and En Spurv i Tranedans (A Sparrow among Hawks) (1866-67). And all the while, he was a minister in Silkeborg and later Hillerød. "

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Student antics

In his vaudeville, Genboerne (The Neighbours), from 1844, Jens Christian Hostrup (1818-92) portrays…

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