Domænegården Røjs hovedbygning

German state farm at Møgeltønder


Røj had been affiliated with the Count's estate of Schackenborg since 1661. But in 1798, the farm was sold and from 1823 until the late 1800s it was owned by the Feddersen family. It was probably Berend Feddersen's descendants who sold Røj to the Prussian…

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Domænegården Røjs hovedbygning

Domænegården Røjs hovedbygnings smukke facade, set fra vest.

År: 1916 PHOTO:Museum S

Røjs staldbygning
Domænegården Røjs hovedbygning, set fra øst
Domænegården Røjs hovedbygning

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Farming as German brain-washing

The word domæne" comes from the French "domaine de l’état" – state land. From …

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