Domænegården Rønhave

From state farm to smallholders' colony


At Kærhalvøen north of Sønderborg stand long rows of small, red or plastered L-shaped buildings. This is the former Rønhave State smallholders' colony. Colonies of State smallholdings are scattered all over Denmark. They were parcelled out after the land…

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Images from Rønhave

Solnedgang fra Rønhave "Strand"

Stien fra Hestehave 20 ned til Alssund

År: 2012 PHOTO:Steen Dyring

Solnedgang fra Rønhave "Strand"
Domænegården Rønhave

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Tin roof eyesore

A lottery was held in 1925 to distribute the smallholdings. The applicants were workers and…

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