King Christian's summerhouse


The history of the palace dates back to 1606 when King Christian IV had a summer residence built in Kongens Have, his new park. Today, Rosenborg Castle is a fine representative of the many buildings attributed to King Christian IV. The Palace was designed in the Dutch …

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King's mysterious musicians

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Time / Periode 1606
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In 1634, King Christian IV received the French envoy, Le Comte d'Avaux, who had been despatched by Louis XIII. During the conversation with d'Avaux, the Danish king made a discreet sign. From hidden apertures in the floors, music flowed out from the King's musicians, who were playing their instruments and singing on the floor below. Was this story true or embroidered? The mystery of d'Avaux's audience at Rosenborg was not solved until several centuries later. There was no trace of the installations, and there was uncertainty about where in the palace the episode had taken place. Not until the treasury was extended in 2005 did builders find three sound channels which led up to King Christian's winter room. These channels have been reopened and, a couple of times a year, concerts are given by concealed musicians.

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, more than 10 years ago

The photo of the castle looks really brillant. The blue sky with the grey cloud. Wonderful!

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King's mysterious musicians

In 1634, King Christian IV received the French envoy, Le Comte d'Avaux, who had been…

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Anne of Denmark was born in 1574 and was King Christian IV’s elder sister. The two siblings spent …

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