Statue af Hans Christian Ørsted

Childhood home for two great men


Rudkøbing Pharmacy is a charming example of a house in an old mariners' and merchants' town. The main building is from 1856, built in the neo-classicistic style. The pharmacy has a fine garden with rare trees, bushes and medicinal plants. It features the…

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Chemistry and spirit hand-in-hand

Time / Periode 1777 1851
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When Hans Christian Ørsted was 12 years old, he began training in his father's pharmacy. This gave him his first insight into chemistry and pharmaceuticals. He later took a final university examination in the field of pharmaceuticals in 1797 and then took over managing Løveapoteket in Copenhagen. His interest was for the physical and chemical sciences, though. In 1806, Ørsted was appointed extraordinary professor at the University of Copenhagen. He later gained great recognition for discovering electromagnetism. Ørsted was a pioneering exponent of the romantic philosophy of nature and wrote several books, including Ånden i Naturen (The Spirit in Nature) from 1850. H.C. Ørsted highlighted the link between rationality and natural laws, and identified the link between spirit and nature. For Ørsted, it was the task of natural science to link the truth with the good and the beautiful.

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Chemistry and spirit hand-in-hand

When Hans Christian Ørsted was 12 years old, he began training in his father's pharmacy. This…

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