Sæby Vandmølle

From grain mill to power source


In 1640, a watermill was built where Sæby River runs into the Kattegat. The mill belonged to the King for two periods during the 17th century. Otherwise it belonged to Sæbygård until 1747. Elisabeth Bille rebuilt the grain mill in 1710 and was permitted to charge a …

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Sæby Vandmølle

Sæby Vandmølle. Den lille udbygning til venstre rummer turbinen.

År: 2007 PHOTO:Lise Andersen

Aftenlys over møllen
Turbine og generator
Sæby Vanmølle i 1940'erne
Sæby Vandmølle 1924
Sæby Vandmølle ca. 1910
Stemmeværket ved Sæby Vandmølle
Sæby Vandmølle

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The miller's letter to the King

In the 17th century, society was divided into social classes that were considered preordained by…

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