A quiet town in North Jutland


In the Middle Ages, the town of Sæby belonged to the bishop of Børglum Abbey, unlike the majority of Danish towns which belonged to the Crown. Sæby grew up around Mariested Abbey when it was built in 1462-1475. The town was granted the privileges of a market town in…

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Klostertorvet i Sæby.

Klostertorvet i Sæby.

Den stemningsfulde Algade i Sæby breder sig ud i et torv foran den dominerende Sæby kirke, der var den sydlige fløj i det firfløjede klosteranlæg. Sæby har bevaret sit middelalderlige grundplan og gadeforløb. © Sæby Museum & Arkiv.

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Family fun in the country

In 1955, Sæby was the setting for Far til Fire på Landet (Father of Four in the Country"),…

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