Amalienborg royal courtyard with the statue

My kingdom for a horse


The equestrian statue of King Frederik V has pride of place in the centre of Amalienborg Slotsplads. It was created in 1753-74 by French sculptor Jacques François Joseph Saly (1717-1776). The project was initiated by King Frederik V but the Danish Asiatic Company…

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Images from Saly's equestrian statue

Mikkel Bogh

Head of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, the Visual Schools, tells about Saly and the academy in the video on this website.

År: 2011 PHOTO:Palabra/Heritage Agency of Denmark

Mikkel Bogh
Saly's equestrian statue
King Frederik V
Amalienborg royal courtyard with the statue

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World-class art at what cost?

When Saly was invited to Denmark, no one could have imagined that a statue of a horse and rider…

French sculptor at the centre of Danish cultural boom

During the reign of King Frederik V, Denmark and Norway underwent an extraordinary cultural and…

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