Schwartzs butik i Sværtegade

Five generations of temptations


In the mid-1800s, shopping fever began to take hold of the Danes. And just a few hundred metres away from Strøget, the main pedestrian precinct, is a well-preserved example of the temptations of the first modern shops. In 1847, the architect of Tivoli, H.C. Stilling, …

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Turner's shop for 175 years

Time / Periode 1847
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The shop belonged to the Schwartz family, turners by trade, who crafted luxury goods from ivory, narwhal tusk, amber and tortoiseshell, such as chess pieces, billiard balls, umbrella handles and paper knives. The first Schwartz arrived in Copenhagen from Germany, and in 1804 took over his former master's workshop, along with his master's widow. Two years later he purchased No. 3 Sværtegade. His nephew succeeded him, fitted out the new shop, and in 1857 installed a steam engine in the workshop. The third Schwartz was known, among other things, as the driving force of the Workers' Building Association. The same association named a road after him in the famous Østerbro terraces of yellow houses known as Kartoffelrækkerne ('the Potato Rows'). After 175 years at the same address, the last turner shut up shop in 1983. Following extensive restoration, the property now houses an unemployment benefit office, which has its reception in the listed shop premises.

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