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European stories

Per Nyholm

European stories - Europe - the beautiful story

From cannons to coffee tables. Denmark and Europe across a cultural millennium.

The Bronze Age

Marianne Rasmussen

The Bronze Age - Life and death in the Bronze Age

The people of the Bronze Age were widely travelled and made contact with peoples far from their home. They were also active barrow builders, and within just a few centuries, the people living in what was to become Denmark built thousands of them. Barrow building involved people from near and far,…

Power and resistance

Tim Knudsen

Power and resistance - A land of peace

Question: in which country did the last regicide take place over 700 years ago? Where did the last civil war take place over 500 years ago? Where did national sentiment only arise in the 19th century? Where have first farmers, then workers been responsible for political reforms? Where are people…

Lord of the manor and of the village

Erland Porsmose

Lord of the manor and of the village - The manor as the seat of power

Danish landlords have held considerable power throughout history. Those loyal to the Crown helped to set up an army of knights, were exempted from paying taxes and given dominion over the population of entire villages. During the 16th century, lords came to be known as nobles, and by the 17th…

World War I and the Interwar period

Nils Arne Sørensen

World War I and the Interwar period - World war, roaring twenties and goulash barons

World War I and the Great Depression left their indelible marks on the early part of the 20th century. It saw profiteering goulash barons enrich themselves, but it also saw the birth of jazz, the spread of electricity, great expectations and the political agreements that laid the foundation for the …

Architecture: classicism, historicism and modernism

Vibeke Andersson Møller

Architecture: classicism, historicism and modernism - From antiquity to concrete

Danish architectural styles have changed many times from the mid-18th century to the mid-20th century. The styles have reflected the changing architectural ideals of the day, as well as the purely practical limitations of construction technology. Originally taking the cue from antiquity and…

The cradle of democracy

Uffe Jakobsen

The cradle of democracy - From absolute monarchy to parliamentarism

Starting in the 1830s and until 1915, three decisive changes were implemented that were crucial for the development of democracy in Denmark. Citizens were given a legislature, the right to vote was expanded from just a small percentage of the population to nearly all adults and the introduction of …

Middle Ages: Christian scholars

Brian Patrick McGuire

Middle Ages: Christian scholars - Denmark becomes Christian

In the High Middle Ages (1000-1300), something of a miracle happened in Denmark. Thanks to monks and the ambitions of the nobility, the country was enriched by architecture, art and learning. The rise of Christianity put Denmark in the first European community defined by this religion. The…

Daily life: housing throughout the ages

Peter Dragsbo

Daily life: housing throughout the ages - From single room to suburb

The ideal house and home has changed significantly over the past 1,000 years. Communal living has been replaced by a single-family culture. Homes have gone from being a single room where a family ate, slept and worked to having a separate room for every activity. Home and work have been separated,…

Modern breakthrough 1830-1915

Anne Løkke

Modern breakthrough 1830-1915 - Personal freedom and economic progress

In less than 100 years, from 1830 to 1915, Denmark changed completely. Change itself was nothing new, naturally, but the pace was new and practically everything changed, from the national government and economy to the dreams and physical appearance of the Danes themselves. In every sphere of life…

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