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Brøndum's Hotel is on Anchersvej 3 in Skagen. The hotel dates back to the 1870s and was the hangout for Skagen painters such as Peder Severin Krøyer, and Anna and Michael Ancher. Architect Ulrik Plesner extended Brøndum's Hotel several times at around the …

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Insatiable artists

Time / Periode 1874 1900
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Brøndum's dining room was the setting for the Skagen Painters' social life. Georg Brandes, the trendsetting literary figure of the time, described the scene in a manner that would make you think they did nothing but hang out together. The entire crowd sat from morning to evening around the table at Brøndum's, continually eating, drinking, debating, discussing, contradicting and trapping each other. A couple of times a day, they left the table and went for a swim." P.S. Krøyer's painting of a lunchtime scene from 1883 shows the friendly, festive atmosphere among the artists. The picture hangs in Brøndum's dining room together with a frieze of portraits of the celebrated members of the artistic circle. Brøndum's dining room is like a memorial to the Skagen Painters' close friendship. "

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Insatiable artists

Brøndum's dining room was the setting for the Skagen Painters' social life. Georg…


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