Folkefest på Skamlingsbanken

Fighting for a Danish identity


Skamlingsbanken is a hillside with a meeting place and memorial park in the northern part of South Jutland. The hill crest is ten kilometres south-east of Kolding. Its highest point is called Højskamling. With its 113 metres, this is also the highest point in South…

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Bells toll for fallen heroes

Time / Periode 1843 1945
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The first notes of Prins Jørgen's March echo over Skamlingsbanken three times a day during the summer. BBC used this melody as the calling signal for Denmark during World War II. The haunting melody is played from an open bell tower. It was opened in 1948 in the valley below Højskamling in memory of South Jutland's freedom fighters. The tower has bronze plates with the names of 83 fallen resistance fighters from the region. The decision to erect the monument was made at a party celebrating the Liberation held by the resistance movement in June 1945. It was attended by 100,000 or so participants on Skamlingsbanken. At that time, the hill was already a memorial for the fight between Denmark and Germany. The hill's older monument pays tribute to South Jutlanders' civilian battle to keep Danish as their mother tongue during German rule and influence in the 19th century.

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Bells toll for fallen heroes

The first notes of Prins Jørgen's March echo over Skamlingsbanken three times a day during…

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