Kort 1912

Denmark's largest meadow irrigation system


In 1871-72, Store Skjernå Kanal (Great Skjern River Canal") was established by the Danish Heath Society. The 23-kilometre canal, part of Denmark's largest irrigation system, was designed to keep 1,100 hectares of meadowland from drying out. The canal runs…

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Åens store slyngning vest for Sdr. Felding, med det bevarede overrislingsanlæg

År: 1995 (ca.) PHOTO:Hans J

Kort 1912
Stemmeværk ved Rind Å
Store Skjernå Kanal
Kort 1991

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Irrigation with a bonus

In the early 1800s, interest in meadow irrigation was mounting, since it improved pastureland and…

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