18-year-old woman took gold with her to the grave


In 1935, Skrydstrup Woman was found in a burial mound in South Jutland. She was lying in an oak coffin in a well-preserved costume, just as she was when she was buried one summer's day in about 1300 BC. She was wearing a short-sleeved blouse of woven wool with…

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Illustration fra det nye skilt af Sune Elskær

Den fornemme Skrydstrupkvinde har måske boet i et af de meget store træbyggede huse fra samme tid. Illustration: Sune Elskær.

Illustration fra det nye skilt af Sune Elskær

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We know where she lived

Archaeologists from Haderslev Museum have excavated an early Bronze Age settlement just a few…

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