4 cm kort

Søby Brunkulslejer is Denmark's largest brown-coal field. From 1940 to 1970, contracting firms mined 20 million cubic metres of brown coal from the field. 1,050 hectares of earth were excavated and more than 20 farms disappeared. The coal lies in two or three…

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4 cm kort

Siden 1970 har området ligget hen som et forladt minelandskab af søer, hede og tilgroede dynger

År: 1991 PHOTO:Kort & Matrikelstyrelsen

Søby brunkulsleje
Vandfyldt brunkulsgrav
4 cm kort

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Brown gold at the Danish Klondike

Shortly after 1940, a Klondike-style shanty town of makeshift huts and cabins grew up on the land…

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