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Sølager shell midden is near Hundested close to Roskilde Fiord. It was deposited on the southward facing slope just above where the Stone Age coastline is highest. The first scientific investigation at the site took place in 1851. The aim was to find out whether the…

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Church view of the world topples

Time / Periode 1851 1869
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The kitchen midden at Sølager helped heap doubt on the Church's view of the world in the mid-19th century. Scientists from several fields had discovered that the Sølager area and similar shell middens at other locations in Denmark were created by humans. Archaeologist Jens Jacob Asmussen Worsaae triggered a heated debate. He argued that the kitchen middens dated back to an early and previously unknown slice of prehistory. According to Worsaae's theory, the history of man stretched back much further than the story of creation supported by the Church. It later emerged that Worsaae's view was fundamentally correct. In 1869, an international archaeologist congress visited the Sølager midden. A newspaper photograph shows the many participants enthusiastically digging for clues in the old compost heap in an attempt to shed light on the subject.

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Church view of the world topples

The kitchen midden at Sølager helped heap doubt on the Church's view of the world in the…

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