Ols Kirke, 1

Olsker's organ


Sankt Ols (St. Ol's), also known as Olsker", is the slenderest and most elegant of Bornholm's four round churches. Built in granite in the 12th century, its stones are not from a quarry, but natural field stones. Like the other round churches, Olsker has…

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Ols Kirke, 1

Ols Kirke, 1

År: 2009 PHOTO:Thomas Roland

Ols Kirke, 2
Ols Kirke, 1
Ols Kirke, Indre, Tårnloft
Ols Kirke, Indre, Trappe til tårnloft
Ols Kirke, Indre-1

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Bornholm's American organ donor

In 1872 the 17-year-old Mathias Peter Møller emigrated from the island of Bornholm to the USA. He …

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