Stavnsholt Church

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Farum is the location of Stavnsholt Church, which was designed by the architect Johan Otto von Spreckelsen and built in 1979-81. Besides the church building itself, the church complex includes a parish hall with offices, confirmation suites and a large meeting room.…

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Monument to humanity

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Time / Periode 1983
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In 1983 the Danish architect Johan Otto von Spreckelsen won an international architectural competition in Paris to design a monumental building for the Parisian business district La Défense. The now world-famous Grand Arche de la Fraternité was completed six years later. Spreckelsen's building embodies clean, strict and refined lines. In the form of a gigantic open cube of marble and glass, it stands as a functional building and a monument all rolled into one. The building has a framing effect that achieves visual coherence with its surroundings. In that the office buildings are visible through the "window" of the arc, Spreckelsen's design has the effect of unifying the somewhat fragmented high-rise architecture of this part of the city. And, not least, Spreckelsen's Grande Arche links La Défense with heritage Paris by completing the historic axis that runs eastwards from the Louvre. Yet the arc does not give the impression of being a culimination or conclusion, since the axis continues, in principle, on the other side. Spreckelsen's architecture embodies nothing ultimative, but rather qualities of openness, involvement and dialogue. The architect himself commented that his building is intended as a modern ”Arc de Triomphe”, dedicated to the triumph of humanity as a symbol of a future in which everyone can meet freely.

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Monument to humanity

In 1983 the Danish architect Johan Otto von Spreckelsen won an international architectural…

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