Stejlhøj ved Dybsø

A view to die for


Stejlebanke stands 19 metres tall about 12 kilometres south of Næstved on the way to Vordingborg. It has a wonderful view of Dybsø Fiord. Stejlebanke is best known as a lovely spot for stretching your legs and enjoying an ice cream. But Stejlebanke was once an…

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Almindelig Tjærenellike

På engen mod Dybsø Fjord ses en masse Almindelig Tjærenellike blandt lige så mange Majgøgeurt

År: 2013 PHOTO:Bent Nielsen

Almindelig Tjærenellike
Stejlhøj ved Dybsø Fjord
Stejlhøj ved Dybsø

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Headless skeleton found

In July 1926, the local prehistoric researcher J. Walther carried out an archaeological…

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