Hovedbygningen på Støvringgaard Kloster

A home for unmarried ladies of rank


" Støvringgaard Kloster is close to Randers Fjord on Østergade. This stately Renaissance building was originally a manor house like so many others. But in 1672, Støvringgaard came into the possession of the Fuiren family and was converted in 1735 into 'a…

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Hovedbygningen på Støvringgaard Kloster

Hovedbygningen på Støvringgaard Kloster

I 1981 flyttede den sidste frøken fra klosteret, hvor der nu bor både mænd og kvinder.

År: 2001 PHOTO:Kulturhistorisk Museum Randers

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The generous baroness

As the widow of Privy Councillor Jens Harboe and the last heir of the Fuiren family, Christine…

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