Tamdrup Kirke og Hovedgård

What a relief!


Tamdrup Church was built in about 1125 and now stands all alone on a hill. But excavations show that buildings once stood to both the north and north-west of the church in the Viking Age and early Middle Ages. The building probably comprised a rich man's estate.…

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Tamdrup Kirke og Hovedgård

Kirken ligger med træer i baggrunden

År: 2010 PHOTO:Torben Dehn

Tamdrup kirke
Tamdrup Kirke på afstand
Tamdrup Kirke og Hovedgård
Tamdrup Kirke

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Iron gauntlet gave monk a helping hand

The 29 relief plates from Tamdrup Church were produced in about 1200 and are now at the National…

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