A quiet oasis for epileptics and sensitive types


In 1897, Dr Adolph Sell founded the Filadelfia Colony for an overlooked group of patients, those with epilepsy. For Sell it was important to create an institution that was as homely as possible. The sick are to smell the coffee in the house", and everyone was to…

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Sun-catching institute

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Time / Periode 1897 1928
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Dianalund was built in the Filadelfia's grounds and was for patients with nervous disorders, called health resort guests". H.I. Schou fought to get patients with nervous disorders recognised as a special group of patients with special needs. In 1929, he wrote about nervous complaints and some reasons for their spread at that time: "The fast speed at which all things happen with automobiles and aeroplanes, telephones, telegraph, film and radio does not have a soothing effect on the nerves." Nervous patients were to have very kind treatment, calm and rest, light and air, care and beautiful impressions in peaceful, naturally beautiful surroundings. The architect behind the buildings at Dianalund designed them so that sunlight could flood into all the rooms. It was so successful that one guest nicknamed it "the sun-catching institute". "

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Sun-catching institute

Dianalund was built in the Filadelfia's grounds and was for patients with nervous disorders,…

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