Hals Skanse

Guardian of the Liim Fjord


The Hals Skanse redoubt was built in 1653-54 and is still standing. It is located at the approach to the Liim Fjord and controlled these waters. As far back as during Denmark's intervention in the Thirty Years' War, in 1625-29, a fortress was located here,…

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Hals Skanse

Hals Skanse bygget i 1653-54

År: 2001 PHOTO:Kjeld Borch Vesth

Udsigt fra kanonen til Limfjorden
Hals Skanse
Hals Skanse
Hals Skanse, kanoner

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Cannons blasting the British

In the early 19th century a coast battery was built in extension of the redoubt to bolster defence …

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