Munkebo 1961

Shipyard, town and greenbelt


The history of the Lindø Shipyard and the town of Munkebo stretches back to 1918, when shipowner A.P. Møller built the shipyard on Odense Canal. But by the 1950s, it was no longer able to meet the demands of modern shipbuilding. A new one was needed and in 1956, a…

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My Two Years in Munkebo

Time / Periode 1965 1967
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I was 23 in June 1965, a young ship draughtsman in Scotland and had been offered a job at Odense Staalskibsvaeft. I worked at the shipyard drawing office in Odense but lived in the village of Munkebo with my wife Evelyn. At that time the shipyard was very busy and needed new workers. Many came from all over Europe and the drawing office in Odense was very cosmopolitan! My best friend Robert Docherty and his wife Katy came over with us and we lived in Rosendalen although later I moved up the hill to Hoyvangen. I have many happy memories of my time in Denmark and look back on it with great nostalgia. My wife grew homesick which is the main reason we left after two years. Perhaps we might have still have been there today if things had been different. Compared to the UK the standard of living was much better, and probably still is. Everywhere seemed to be immaculate and I found the Danish people very friendly and with a nice sense of humour! Those two years were probably the last time of my life when I was mostly carefree. The shipyard was very good to us, the houses in Munkebo were modern and much better than we could have had in the UK. If anyone remembers me from those long ago days I'd like to hear from them. I now live back in Scotland, in the far North-west Highlands not far from Ullapool. I was very sorry to read that the Lindø Shipyard has recently closed down.

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Planned town

The Lindø Shipyard was active in establishing the town of Munkebo. In 1958, the company set up a…

My Two Years in Munkebo

I was 23 in June 1965, a young ship draughtsman in Scotland and had been offered a job at Odense…

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