Elmgreen & Dragset's "Han" in Helsingør

Art in the docklands


The docklands of Helsingør have undergone extensive renewal. The shipyard was converted into Kulturværftet, a cultural centre, while the Realdania foundation, in association with Helsingør Minicipality and the Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties, funded the…

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The little merman

Time / Periode 2012
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"Han" has been nicknamed 'The Little Merman' because of its obvious reinterpretation of Edvard Eriksen's iconic "Little Mermaid" statue. The shiny surface of the sculpture reflects its surroundings: the spires of 'Hamlet's' Kronborg Castle, the great ferries and old wooden boats. And as onlookers, we are also mirrored. In fact, viewers cannot look at "Han", without seeing their own image. But the 'femininity' of the naked man's seated position provoked heated local debate. Local residents claimed that placing an effeminate, slender boy in front of the former shipyard was an insult to the former dockworkers. But its interpretation of masculinity is precisely one of the work's main concepts. "Han" is a contemporary take on presenting the male image: man not only as a conquering hero, but also as a sensitive and thinking individual.

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The little merman

"Han" has been nicknamed 'The Little Merman' because of its obvious…

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