Roskilde Palæ

The cradle of democracy


The Palace is Roskilde Cathedral's closest neighbour. In 1733, the medieval bishop's palace was demolished and Christian VII had The Royal Palace built instead. This small baroque palace had direct access to the cathedral, where members of the Danish royal…

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Roskilde Palæ

Roskilde Palæ. Hovedbygningen anvendes i dag af Roskilde Stift og Museets for Samtidskunst.

År: 1998 PHOTO:Roskilde Museum/Flemming G. Rasmussen

Roskilde Palæ
Opstalt af stænderforsamlingssal
Det Kgl. Palæ, o. 1840
Øernes stænderforsamlingen
Tegning af stænderforsamlingssal

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