Den tilsandede kirke tårnet

Drifting sand eats everything


A church spire rises from the sand in Skagen dune plantation. The ruins of the old church have fallen prey to the drifting dunes. As in many Jutland parishes, the church was built in an isolated location. Throughout the 18th century, it gradually became covered by…

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sand dunes covered by snow

År: 2011 PHOTO:Joan Ferrer

sand dunes covered by snow
Picture placed in Broedums Hotel in Skagen
frozen moving dune
dune covered of 3 cm. of snow...
Den tilsandede kirke tårnet
Det tilsandede kirke
Den tilsandede kirke, kort

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A story from the dunes

" In his story from the dunes (En historie fra klitterne) from 1859, Hans Christian Andersen…

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