The Bronze Age


Life and death in the Bronze Age

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The people of the Bronze Age were widely travelled and made contact with peoples far from their home. They were also active barrow builders, and within just a few centuries, the people living in what was to become Denmark built thousands of them. Barrow building involved people from near and far, and it served as a way to reaffirm their bonds. Even after religious beliefs changed and cremation became the norm, barrows continued to serve as important points of reference in the landscape.

The Bronze Age is a fascinating pre-historic period. The people who lived at that time are close to us, yet in many ways they are far removed from our reality. In the Bronze Age, people were interested in what was happening elsewhere, and the events that took place far from home came to have an impact on them. It is also a period that gave us unique and important archaeological finds as well as monuments showing incredible cultural and human creativity.

Human in life and death

The people of the Bronze Age were farmers. Agriculture varied from region to region, but scientific studies have shown that the landscape was becoming increasingly affected by human activity during the period – the land was being farmed. Bronze Age farms were large and solidly built. Houses of all different sizes have been discovered, and some were as large as 500 square metres. The multi-room structures also had room for animals and storage, and may have been large…

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