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Visiting the past

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Sometimes, history is best experienced where it actually happened. The past continues to live inside prehistoric burial chambers and along the ramparts of ancient battles. The Danish Prehistory in Nature" programme has helped to open up many of the country's most impressive prehistoric sites to the public.

The Sun Chariot from Trundholm Bog, the Golden Horns of Gallehus and the silver chalice found in the burial chamber in the northern Jelling mound, are all household names today, even though they date to Denmark's prehistory. The artefacts speak to us from across the millennia of ages long past. Museum collections contain hundreds of thousands of treasures of all sizes, each one telling its own exciting story from Denmark's past.

Nature's living museum

But outside the exhibition halls of the nation's museums lie a completely different type of experience: the multitude of ancient monuments that for thousands of years have left their imprint on the landscape. History still lives in the barrows and passage graves built of massive stones. Or along the sunken roads whose deep furrows bear witness to the hundreds of carts that once made their way along the long-forgotten routes, at the…

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