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Danish military history is heavily influenced by the country’s strategic position between the Baltic Sea and continental Europe. Castles, castle mounds, barracks and other military installations from nearly every historical period stand rank and file throughout the country. Denmark’s attractive maritime location laid the foundation for a strong naval tradition. But the best historic record can be found in the remains of weapons dating from prehistoric and historic times that now find themselves in Danish museums.

The strategic importance of Denmark and its islands has left its mark on the country in the form of military buildings and defensive installations from across historical periods. The country’s military history is influenced by its strategic location between the Baltic and North Seas. The earliest written records from the Viking and Middle Ages tell of the importance of the sea, and its benefits in the form of control and monitoring of maritime traffic, as well as its drawbacks in the form of vulnerability to attack.
The Navy and the country’s geopolitical importance were closely interlinked from the Viking Age up to the Cold War. Since the start of the 21st century, the nation’s military organisation has changed character entirely. The Navy has been strongly reduced after having been the most important branch of the military for nearly 1500 years.

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Throughout its history, Denmark has been a warring nation. The…

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