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Banking on the future


Privatbanken, founded in 1957, came under the directorship of the young C.F. Tietgen. The bank's head office was located in the Christian IV stock exchange building for more than 40 years. In 1904, the bank relocated to monumental, Baroque-style premises on the…

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Denmark's greatest entrepreneur

Time / Periode 1904
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C.F. Tietgen (1829-1901), director of Privatbanken from 1857 to 1897, used the bank as a platform for numerous business ventures, becoming one of the prime movers in the industrialisation of Denmark. He was involved in the founding or reorganisation of leading Danish companies such as De Danske Sukkerfabrikker (Danisco), Store Nordiske Telegrafselskab (GN Store Nord), De Forenede Dampskibs Selskaber (DFDS), Tuborg and Burmeister & Wain. Tietgen also initiated a number of major projects in transport and infrastructure such as the Copenhagen tramways, Port of Esbjerg and the building of the railways in East Zealand, and on the islands of Lolland and Falster. Tietgen died in 1901, without seeing the completion of Privatbanken's premises on Børsgade.

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Denmark's greatest entrepreneur

C.F. Tietgen (1829-1901), director of Privatbanken from 1857 to 1897, used the bank as a platform…

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