Amtshuset i Tønder

South Jutland trendsetter


The German county house from 1907 is now on the outskirts of old Tønder. The large beautiful red-brick building was inspired by the Dutch-Frisian style and the old buildings in Tønder. It is the result of a competition for architects organised by Tønder's…

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Tønder sets a fashion

Time / Periode 1905 1907
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Out with Italy, long live Møgeltønder." That was the battle cry when young architects from Copenhagen began measuring up old houses around Tønder in 1907 to spread their ideals. The trend began with Tønder County House, which reapplied the old style. In 1908, Tønder's councillor Rogge co-founded a society called Baupflege Tondern. This society promoted more beautiful new houses and preserved old ones. The society convinced master builders and architects to build according to traditional local marshland styles and Møgeltønder's old farms and houses. The style quickly spread throughout Schleswig-Holstein. Meanwhile, Copenhagen architects hailed Møgeltønder's building traditions as a role model for Denmark – especially for the National Association for Better Building Traditions founded in 1915. South Jutland and the rest of Denmark therefore shared architectural ideals when reunited in 1920. "

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Tønder sets a fashion

Out with Italy, long live Møgeltønder." That was the battle cry when young architects from…

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