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Toftegård housing estate was built in 1950 and consists of 16 blocks with a total of 435 flats. Toftegård was built by the Housing Association of 1944 in Herlev, which was formed by workers in Herlev. They paid instalments over some years, and the money was spent on …

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Glass balconies with solar heating

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Time / Periode 1950
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By the early 1990s, Toftegård needed renovating. The housing association chose an eco-friendly approach while renovating or replacing the balconies, roofs and installations. The housing association set goals for reducing the overall water and energy consumption. And added a total of 112 new well-insulated flats on 12 of the 16 blocks. Passive solar energy was harnessed by covering the balconies with glass. Solar air collectors were mounted on the roof and rainwater was collected and recycled. Toftegård achieved its goals in full. Even with 25 percent more residents, the water and energy consumption fell. In 1994, Toftegård won the housing association national environmental award for renovation work.

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Matthew Amadeus Devereux
, more than 10 years ago

This is absolutely fascinating - really interesting. I have discovered this site today and am fascinated by the history of the Toftegard. I am visiting Copenhagen and Herlev in March 2011 to meet some friends I have met online. It will be my first time in Denmark. One of my friends from the UK, Jay Gort, recently did some architectural work in Denmark as part of his Gort Scott agency in London: I have many websites but one is about chess and it has links to the Copenhagen artist Carina Jorgensen at point number 104: I look forward to seeing the Toftegard in person! Mange tak!

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Glass balconies with solar heating

By the early 1990s, Toftegård needed renovating. The housing association chose an eco-friendly…

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