Tranekær Slot

Castle with a view


Tranekær Castle stands proud, high up above the embankment and town. The oldest part is the north wing, which dates back to about 1200. It is built on ruins that are 100-200 years older. The castle has been remodelled many times and today has two wings and an…

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Fra haven

År: 2014 PHOTO:T.Dam. Them

Tranekær ganle skole
Tranekærs slotsmølle
Fra gaden
Fra haven
Sten fra galaksen
Butik på Tranekær
Tranekær slot
Slot set fra parken
Slot set på afstand
Tranekær Slot

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The count who wanted a town

Tranekær count's estate has had an impact on most of Langeland over the years, and Tranekær …

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