Solvognen, solskive

The Sun Chariot – an icon


The Sun Chariot was found in 1902. It brought new insight into Bronze Age religion, which was based on the core concept that a divine horse pulled the sun across the sky. The spiral decorations on the sun disc reveal that the Sun Chariot was made in Denmark in about…

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Denmark's most precious chariot

Time / Periode -1400
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In about 1900, across the country, a lot of land was reclaimed for farming. In 1902, the drainage engineers got to Trundholm Bog. First they dug trenches to drain the bog, then it was ploughed for the first time. The Danish Forest and Nature Agency employed Frederik Villumsen to do the work. He had refined his plough to cut and turn the bog earth better. In the middle of this monotonous work, suddenly he spotted the horse, and then the sun disk. And he took them back to the farm. At first they were thought to be old toys and the children played with the horse. Then an official from the Agency popped over. He realised it was unique and contacted the National Museum of Denmark. The Sun Chariot was saved. Today, horses graze in Trundholm Bog, but wetland plants such as bulrushes grow on the spot where the Sun Chariot was found.

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