Udsigten fra fyrtårnet mod Samsø

Seafaring centre since Viking times


The small island of Tunø between Samsø and Jutland is one of many small Danish island communities. Tunø was given over to farming, but in the past, many of the islanders were also seamen and the island's seafaring traditions date back to the Viking Age. By the …

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Car-free island with festival

Time / Periode 1896
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The small harbour is Tunø's connection point with the world beyond its shores. The main purpose of the harbour is still to serve the permanent residents and seasonal visitors, but following the yachting boom of the 1960s, this car-free island, protected by its preservation order, has increasingly become a popular tourist destination. The growing number of yachtsmen meant that, when the harbour was extended in 2000, the ferry berth was moved out of the harbour so it did not inconvenience the sailing community, and made way for more boats. The prominence of the marina was increased after 1987 when Tunø started hosting an annual jazz festival. There are currently around 118 permanent residents on the island, and during the Tunø Festival, the population increases many times over. The yachts are so closely berthed that the marina can be crossed dry-shod from boat to boat.

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Car-free island with festival

The small harbour is Tunø's connection point with the world beyond its shores. The main…

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