Tveje Merløse Kirke

Twin towers with cathedral inspiration


Tveje Merløse Church in the heart of Zealand was built in about 1150. It belonged to the paternal estate granted by Bishop Absalon to Sorø Abbey in 1199. The building materials are a mixture of granite and travertine, a type of limestone. The church has an unusual…

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Tveje Merløse Kirke

Tveje Merløse Kirke med tvillingetårne

År: 2005 PHOTO:Henrikem

Tveje Merløse Kirke, farvekridt
Tveje Merløse Kirke

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British fighter pilot crashes over Tveje Merløse

The base of the chalice in Tveje Merløse Church bears an inscription: Tveje Merløse Church with …

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