Vallensbæk Kirke

Medieval masterpieces


At first glance, Vallensbæk Church seems no different to Denmark's other medieval churches With its Romanesque chancel and nave and late Gothic west tower. But in 1864, a number of murals were discovered in the church. At the time, the murals were considered…

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Globetrotting Vicar of Vallensbæk

Time / Periode 1100 1500
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" Mads Rasmussen's worn gravestone is between the porch and the nave in Vallensbæk Church. He was vicar of Vallensbæk from 1627 until 1647. He also has memorials in two other places in the church; on a memorial plaque that he erected himself and in the porch, where three pine planks with yellow lettering are hanging. Here you can read that Rasmussen began his career as a chaplain on a vessel called The Pearl, bound for the East Indies. He completed the journey in 1626 after "he had seen many provinces and countries out in Asia, Brazil, Ceylon, Turkey, etc. and in Europe, Spain, Ireland, England, France, etc. and read the word of God with diligence both onboard the ship and at Danisborg Citadel in the East Indies". Yes, Mads Rasmussen had seen more of the world than most of his peers before he settled in Vallensbæk. "

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Globetrotting Vicar of Vallensbæk

" Mads Rasmussen's worn gravestone is between the porch and the nave in Vallensbæk…

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