Line Luplau (1823-91)

Front line of feminism


Varde's old vicarage was built shortly after Varde burned down in 1779. It functioned as an official residence in 1818-89, but had to make way for a new building on the site at the town square. When Varde Vicarage was demolished in 1932, an important centre of…

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The pioneering woman from Varde

Time / Periode 1779 1891
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The vicar's wife from Varde, Nicoline Christine (Line) Luplau (1823-91) was a pioneer of Danish democracy. She was a central figure in the struggle to spread fledgling Danish democracy to include the other half of the population: women. Line Luplau wanted to introduce women's right to vote and be elected to Parliament and local councils. She also became famous for a kind of feud" concerning women's sexuality, as she supported greater sexual freedom, also for women. In 1889, Line Luplau joined forces with teacher Louise Nørlund and together they founded Kvindevalgretsforeningen, a society with the sole purpose of promoting women's right to vote. Line Luplau had a famous daughter, painter Marie Luplau (1848-1925). "

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The pioneering woman from Varde

The vicar's wife from Varde, Nicoline Christine (Line) Luplau (1823-91) was a pioneer of…

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