Buste af Saugmann

Battling tuberculosis


The doctor Christian Saugmann took the initiative for Denmark's first major tuberculosis sanatorium – an institution called Vejlefjord. It was built by Vilhelm Dahlerup and opened in 1900. Saugmann himself had had tuberculosis and was successfully treated in…

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Precious life

Time / Periode 1900
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" "Over the past months I have found myself in, if not a disastrous situation, then buffeted by a dread swell. In my ship, plying the sea of sickness, the water has stood high in all holds; she lies heavy in the sea, pitching terribly. Strangely, I believe she is off the Cape of Good Hope, but there is no symbolic association, since hope…?" These are the words penned by the Faeroese author Jørgen-Frantz Jacobsen, known for his novel Barbara, to his friend, relative, colleague, and countryman, William Heinesen in February 1938, a month before his death at Vejlefjord. His 16-year battle with tuberculosis was over. Jørgen-Frantz Jacobsen was 37 when he died. "

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Precious life

" "Over the past months I have found myself in, if not a disastrous situation, then…

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