Kalleby, Tanum, Bohuslen

Priests with horned helmets


The horned helmets from Veksø (Viksø) were found in 1942. They were made in the Bronze Age between 1100 and 900 BC and are not, as commonly thought, from Viking times. They were worn for ceremonial purposes rather than war and battles. And they were part of the…

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artiklen er fundet i jens christensens efterladenskaber

År: 1942 PHOTO:Ukendt

Sotetorp, Tanum, Bohuslen
Kalleby, Tanum, Bohuslen
Brøns Mose, Veksø 2
Brøns Mose, Veksø

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Energy crisis paid off

At the beginning of World War II, Denmark's coal and oil supplies were cut off. We had to rely…

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