Hus med løgkuppel

Copenhagen's oldest allotments


In 1892, Vennelyst was established outside the Christianhavn Ramparts at the top of Kløvermarksvej. This was the first of many allotment garden societies in Copenhagen. For many workers from the built-up inner city neighbourhoods, an allotment garden was a place to…

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Images from Vennelyst, Kløvermarksvej

Det første hus,som kom færdigbygget til H/F Vennelyst

År: 1961 PHOTO: ukendt / Erik T. Bülow

Franz Beckerlee viser rundt i kolonihaven
Franz Beckerlee's Tre Sten
Billede måske fra vennelyst
Ældre kolonihavehus
Hus med løgkuppel

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The Danish home from home

For many, Vennelyst is the ultimate in Danish feel-good. Tourists visit the area in summer, taking …

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