Vitskøl Kloster

Safe haven for Cistercians


In the Middle Ages, Vitksøl Abbey was inhabited by Cistercian monks. It was established in 1158 by King Valdemar I and Archbishop Eskil. The monks Latinised the Danish name of the Abbey to Vitae Schola, "School of Life". The Cistercian abbey in Vitskøl came…

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Vitskøl Kloster

Vitskøl Kloster

År: 2003 PHOTO:Kjeld Borch Vesth

Vitskøl Kloster ruinerne af kloster
Vitskøl Kloster
Vitskøl Kloster ruiner

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Scantily clad women scare off monks

The Cistercian abbey in Vitskøl was established by monks fleeing Sweden after Swedish Queen…

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