Vitsø Mølle, 1

Wind moved the water


Vitsø Cove on Ærø is a fiord arm covering about 150 hectares that was navigated by ships until about 1600. In the 18th century a hook of land occurred naturally that was closing the cove with piles of stone. In 1788, Ove Fabricius of Søby Farm began building dikes …

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Sten, der blev rejst til minde om Vitsø Nors endelige udtørring i 1964-65.

År: 2009 PHOTO:Palle Abrahamson

Vitsø Nor fra Søbygård
Pumpemøllen 1986
Pumpesnegl in situ
Kammer til møllepasser
Tegning - snit med tal
Vitsø Mølle, 1
Vitsø Nor 1920
Møllepasserhus og mølle

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