Ydby Hede

Open Bronze Age landscape


On Ydby Heath, a large group of Bronze Age burial mounds looks out over beautiful Skibsted Fiord. Explore the heather heath nature reserve, with its old sunken roads, and you'll find 32 burial mounds. They stand out against the open landscape just as they did in…

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What was the Bronze Age landscape like?

Time / Periode -1600 -1100
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The landscape at Thy is peppered with burial mounds. Thousands were built in the Bronze Age. Wooded areas receded in the early Bronze Age and only wetlands retained a few forests. The landscape was open, mainly cattle-grazing country. Fields of barley and wheat were planted near the farms, which were large wooden constructions, some over 30 metres long. Flint scrapers have been found here. They testified to a large production of ox hides that were popular trading goods both locally and farther afield. Valuable golden amber collected from the beach was found in some houses. It may have been the source of the area's wealth. Could some of the Nordic amber found as far away as in the tombs of Greek kings have been picked up on the west coast of Thy?

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