Arne Jacobsen's white factory

PHOTO: Casper J
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Novo has been the world's leading biotech company in enzymes and micro-organisms since it was established in 1925. That was when a technique was devised for extracting insulin from the pancreas of animals and using it to produce medicine. It all began on Fuglebakkevej, where Nørrebro and Frederiksberg meet. This was where Novo founded its insulin production, first in the basement of a family home and then in a deserted half-timbered dairy. Soon, bigger and better offices and production facilities were needed. So Arne Jacobsen was hired as a resident architect from 1934. He ended up being in charge of all the details, inside and out, for everything including the factory's outbuildings and interior design.

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Ants in the canteen

The Ant" was originally a three-legged chair designed by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. This stackable chair is made of moulded plywood and has steel legs. Today, it is considered a classic design, but when Arne Jacobsen first approached furniture producers, they squashed his hopes. His fortunes changed in 1934, when he was hired as resident architect for Novo and Novo's founders took a personal interest in the Ant. In 1952, 200 of the chairs were ordered for the canteen on Fuglebakkevej in Frederiksberg. The first Ants are still in the canteen to this day. And now the Ant is seen as the bee's knees in furniture design - Arne Jacobsen's most famous bestseller. "