Museums throughout the world


Portal with information about the collections and exhibitions at European museums. The portal also has information about museum shops and digital catalogues, databases of pictures, etc.

Virtual Library Museum Pages

Links to museums throughout the world. Managed by the International Council of Museums ICOM.

ICOM: Museum Directories

A list of museum directories. Managed by the International Council of Museums ICOM.

International reference books and picture archives

Union List of Artist Names (ULAN)

A comprehensive database of names, year, etc. of artists, craftsmen and architects throughout the world.


English reference work with links to web pages on architects, artists, concepts, art-historical periods, etc.

Artlex: Art Dictionary

English-language art lexicon with definitions of more than 3,000 technical expressions. Contains illustrations and longer articles on selected subjects.

The Artchive

English-language database with a very large representation of paintings from the Renaissance to today.

Bildindex der Kunst und Architektur

Archive of more than 600,000 photographs of art, architecture, handicraft, and cultural-historical pieces from German archives, museums and collections. Comprises both German and foreign items.

Danish websites

The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces

The website provides insight into the job areas of the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces, including museum management.

Danmarks Kunstbibliotek (Denmark?s national art library, only available in Danish)

Denmark?s main special library for art. Apart from access to the library's online catalogue, the website also provides access to the following databases (only available in Danish): bibliography of Danish art, collection of architecture design drawings, art-historical picture archive, and the collection of slides. Denmark?s national art library also stores Weilbach?s archive, which is available for the public at the library?s address.

BDK - Bibliography of Danish Art

Danish specialist bibliography of literature on Danish art and architecture. The bibliography is updated and expanded on an ongoing basis.

Arkade (only available in Danish)

Specialist portal for architecture, art and design. The portal provides its users with easy access to search for information within the subjects of visual arts, architecture, handicraft, design, museology and preservation.


The website presents contemporary Danish artists and their works through CVs, paintings, videos, sound artworks and numerous texts.

Kopenhagen: Aktuel information om samtidskunst

The website communicates information about the dynamic contemporary art scene in Denmark through interviews, articles and photo features.


The website provides guidelines and guidance about reproducing artworks covered by copyright.