About Kunstindeks Danmark

Kunstindeks Danmark (Art Index Denmark) is the central register of artworks owned by Danish state-owned and state-subsidised museums.

The register was established in 1985 and is run by the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces. The museums register and update the information themselves.

Museums included in Kunstindeks Danmark

Kunstindeks Danmark was established as a central register for state-owned and state-subsidised museums. According to the Danish Museum Act, state-owned museums and state-subsidised museums have a duty to submit information to Kunstindeks Danmark about the artworks in their collections. Furthermore, a small number of public institutions are included in Kunstindeks Danmark, as they have been submitting information to the register over a period of years.

Have a look at the individual museums that are represented in Kunstindeks Danmark by following the links in the museum overview.

Information included in Kunstindeks Danmark

All the relevant information about individual artworks is registered in the index. The museums register and update the information themselves, which means the scope and level of detail of information may differ from artwork to artwork.

Kunstindeks Danmark also contains information about the artist whose works have been registered. This information is supplemented by information from Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon (Weilbach's Danish lexicon of artists).