Frequently asked questions

Question: How do I register an artwork in Kunstindeks Danmark

Answer: Kunstindeks Danmark (Art Index Denmark) is the central register of artworks owned by Danish state-owned and state-subsidised museums. The register therefore does not include artworks in private ownership.

Question: How do I get an artwork assessed?

Answer: Kunstindeks Danmark does not make assessments of artworks. Please refer to an auction house.

Question: Who should I contact, if I find there is an error in the information registered on the website?

Answer: The individual museum is responsible for registering and updating information about the artworks in their collections. If you find an error in the description of an artwork, you should therefore contact the museum which owns the work in question.

Answer: If you find an error in the description of artists in Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon (Weilbach's Danish lexicon of artists), you should contact Denmark's national art library (Danmarks Kunstbibliotek).

Question: How do I get in contact with an artist?

Answer: Kunstindeks Danmark only contains the information that you can see on the website This does not include any personal information about the individual artist, such as address, telephone, etc. You may search for such information elsewhere on the internet, e.g. using

Question: Why are only 1,000 search results listed in connection with a search?

Answer: In order to ensure an acceptable search time, the number of search results shown in Kunstindeks Danmark has been limited to 1,000. Try to limit your search by entering more search criteria.